What if you could buy a home with your friends, family or your partner? Meet CoBuy, the smartest way to cobuy.  



What is Cobuying?

In the competitive Seattle real estate market, housing prices are on the rise and many people are finding it harder to buy a home. Cobuying offers a simple and affordable alternative to traditional home-buying. With cobuying, two or more people who are not married to each other can pool their resources and achieve their dreams of home ownership. People choose to cobuy for financial or social reasons or both. For some, cobuying is a means to avoid rent increases, split costs and diversify risk. For others, it is a way to house multiple generations under one roof. 


Who is Conbuying?

  • Unmarried couples
  • Family/multi-generational households
  • Investors in second homes or rental properties



Why Cobuy?

  • Split fixed costs
  • Take advantage of tax incentives
  • Benefit from economies of scale
  • Increase home options
  • Share risk
  • Build equity
  • Avoid rent increases
  • CoBuying can be cheaper

How do I Cobuy?

CoBuy's online platform guides you and your cobuyers through the buying process. It provides tools to help your group define motives and goals, determine financing eligibility, mitigate risk and much more. To learn more about how CoBuy can help, click here.


Can I Afford It?

Check out the CoBuy Calculator to find out how much you and your cobuyers can afford to spend on a home.